Trados Studio 2022

What’s new in Trados Studio® 2022 and reasons to upgrade to Trados Studio 2022

If you have a previous version of Trados Studio then there has never been a better time to upgrade.
Enjoy a wealth of new features and functionality on your desktop and in the cloud with Trados Studio 2022.

It's time to upgrade

Designed with your feedback in mind, Trados Studio 2022 delivers an unrivalled, powerful desktop and cloud solution, empowering you to work in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The 2022 release reflects a wealth of development that has taken place since previous releases, including:

  • Better-than-ever synchronization between the desktop application and our cloud platform, letting you work wherever you choose.
  • New file types that help Studio cater to the widest variety of translation use cases, widening the scope of work you can accept.
  • Hundreds of updates have been made with the feedback of all our users in mind, designed to help you work however you want.

The release of Studio 2022 marks a year of more than 330 developments made to the online editor alone. These include:

  • Expanding real-time previews to support 20+ file formats
  • Sub-segment fragment matching for maximum use of your TMs
  • Support for the Unicode v14 character set, with all its emojis, scientific symbols, ideographs and special characters from non-Latin scripts
  • Multi-monitor support similar to Studio’s – just detach and move the side-panel to your second monitor, for example to view a real-time preview while working in the editor on your first monitor


  • Trados Studio 2022 adds new file types to the 50+ already supported, making it the tool of choice for a wider diversity of projects and allowing translation teams and businesses to expand their services.
  • No other CAT tool supports more file types than we do, and our commitment to growing this number is another reflection of how we cater to the unique needs of our clients. We don’t support just the most common file types used for a majority of projects, but also those required for more niche needs.
  • Some file types are supported through apps available from the integrated RWS AppStore. For example, the Studio Subtitling app is ideal for those who want to serve this growing area of translation. It not only supports a variety of audio, video and subtitle file formats, but real-time previews, timing controls, and video-specific verification checks and quality assurance.

The release of Trados Studio 2022 sees three new file types added.

  1. New .NET support for software localization
    Studio supports a variety of software file formats, but this is the first non-text (i.e. binary) software file support we’ve added. We’re supporting the two most common .NET platforms – WinForms and WPF. Besides being able to use all of Studio’s tools when translating text strings encoded in these files,2 you’ll find a variety of functions specific to software localization, such as context (is it a button or a check-box label, for example) and code signing.
  2. New gaming localization support: multilingual Excel
    Multilingual Excel files are the gaming industry’s de facto standard for providing strings for localization (and are used elsewhere as well). Support for this format is now offered through the Multilingual Excel app, which does all the hard work for you in creating a multilingual Studio project from the Excel file and converting it back when finished. You’re able to configure all of the project settings you would expect, such as embedded content and placeholders, along with column mappings that let Studio handle the Excel file’s source and target languages, instructions, and length restrictions appropriately.
  3. Handle anything with multilingual XML file support
    While it’s against recommended best practice for localization, it’s increasingly common to receive multilingual XML files instead of multiple bilingual files. Our new Multilingual XML app not only handles these, but can also be used for a variety of problematic XLIFF files that Studio won’t open by default.

Transcreation now also supported

  • Providing for specialized translation needs is not all about supporting new file types. Transcreation typically uses common file formats but has its own unique requirements, including multiple choices for a single translation along with rationales, and the use of back-translations. The new Trados Transcreate app allows you to turn a bilingual Excel file into a transcreation project that supports these requirements.

Designed for however you want to work

Through hundreds of updates in Trados Studio 2022 we’re able not only to cater to the wishes of the majority, but also make changes that matter to small minorities of users.
For example:

  • Real-time previews matter to most of you, and we’ve changed their underlying technology to create a more stable preview platform. This also eliminates frustrations such as the cursor disappearing after clicking into the preview window.
  • The alignment editor may not be an everyday tool for everyone, but if you use it you’ll now be able to adapt the font size, making it easier to work with documents that aren’t easily legible, and especially with languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

We can’t possibly cover all the developments we’ve made for Trados Studio 2022,but here are a few highlights of changes specifically designed to give you greater flexibility and choice in how you work.


BETA release of new Manager view

  • Manager view is a brand-new Studio view that gives you a whole new way to work with projects and files. It doesn’t replace the existing projects and files views – you can continue to use those if you prefer – but offers a new option inspired by the user interface (UI) of our cloud platform.
  • Instead of having to jump between separate areas for managing projects and files, you can work with both in a more unified way, in a single window with a clean, modern UI that makes navigating between projects and files much more intuitive.
  • The view also includes key file- and project-related analytics so that you’ve got everything you need in one place. With multi-window and multi-monitor support, it’s very flexible in letting you work on and compare multiple projects at once.
  • For now, Manager view is available only as a beta release, which means there is ongoing work to expand its functionality and ensure its stability. You can refer to our FAQ to learn more about its current supported features. In Trados Studio 2022 you can activate and deactivate it with a single click for as long as it’s in beta.

New Reports view for greater flexibility

If you want more speed and flexibility than thestandard Reports view offers, then the Reports Viewer Plus app is the ideal solution. It speeds up the way reports render and lets you edit report names, group them differently, adapt the way they look through stylesheets, and include reports (XML files) from other tools, among other capabilities. Like all of our apps, it’s available from the RWS AppStore, accessible directly from Studio.

Improvements to Editor and Files views

We’ve made a range of improvements to the Editor view to make life easier for those who spend most of their time there. These include

  • Faster, smoother, clearer text display in the main editor, term recognition and term search windows
  •  Support for the Unicode v14 character set, with all its emojis, scientific symbols, ideographs and special characters from non-Latin scripts
  • Automatic insertion of formatting tags into translation segments to ensure that formatting is reliably replicated from source to target with minimal effort

We’ve also released a new studioViews app, which gives you greater flexibility in sending work to others. It lets you:

  • Export a subset of segments in the editor view to a file, and reimport them back to the original file when returned – even if the segments have been restructured in the meantime
  • Split or merge files from the files view, and re-merge split files when they’re returned

Terminology languages now equal to editing languages

  • We’ve added support for more than 90 languages to MultiTerm, bringing it to complete parity with the languages supported by Studio and in the cloud.
  • This means that whatever language you’re translating to, you can now get termbase suggestions from MultiTerm within Studio and the online editor.

Designed for you

  • Everyone works in their own unique way, and Trados Studio 2022 is designed to help you do so. As a CAT tool for individual productivity, Studio remains unparalleled for its sophistication and ability to serve diverse needs and preferences.
  • Many of our clients also need to work more collaboratively as part of a translation team, or with business colleagues and suppliers beyond their business. By itself, Studio can only do so much to serve these needs. This is a big part of why we’refocusing on increasingly seamless integration between Studio and our cloud offerings:
    - Trados Team, our scalable translation collaboration and project management solution
    - Trados Enterprise, our agile translation management system (TMS) for organizations with more complex end-to-end localization management needs
  • So whether you’re a freelancer, a translation agency or a multinational corporation with content to translate, Trados Studio 2022 – and the wider Trados portfolio –are designed for you.



By upgrading from Studio 2019 to Studio 2022, you will benefit from:

  • Flexible working from any device with Studio's cloud capabilities
  • Faster personalization of Studio with the integrated AppStore
  • Easy navigation of your documents with the Advanced Display Filter
  • Fast and simple on-boarding with guidance, tips, tricks and tutorial videos
  • Support for emojs and Unicode 13
  • Automatic insertion of formatting tags into translation segments
  • Instant access to everything using Tell Me
  • Effortless one-step project creation and quick mid-project updates
  • Easier translation memory (TM) maintenance
  • Improved quality assurance (QA) checks
  • Enhanced Translation Quality Assessment (TQA) for smoother quicker review.

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