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5th Anniversary Cake

The TTT Conference just turned 5! Now we can say it has matured into a traditional event, and we decided to prepare something special for this celebratory edition, held in an idyllic scenery in the midst of the Slovenian Alps – in Bled.

Each of the previous conferences was an inspiration for the next one, and so was the last year’s – from Innovation we moved to Creativity, Collaboration & Communication as the main topic to lead us through the programme content.

With 14 sessions attended by around 100 participants, the programme covered not only diverse language industry topics – from business to technical aspects and beyond – but also topics related to the skills we all need and use in everyday life and work.

The keynote speaker, a writer, co-author of the innovative program “NTC Learning System” and one of the most successful IQ X test solvers in the world, Uroš Petrović, set the tone for the next two days: we were tapping into new dimensions of the brain and discovering how to think outside the box to generate new ideas and solutions. Katarina Veselko, a psychologist by profession and an improviser by passion, held a workshop on Modern Professional Communication as a form of work that requires top-level strategic thinking based on attitude as a key competitive advantage in modern communication. And the main takeaway was that in our communication, not only professional, we will give our best to reach “I am OK, You are OK” situation.

After two days full of new insights, we explored the three Cs through additional networking activities we prepared for our attendees on Saturday. We felt really Olympic – we spent the TTT Awayday in the company of Jani Klemenčić and Miha Pirih, Slovenian rowing champions, who guided us through creative tasks and taught us how to row with ease not by pulling hard but by working together.

To mark the TTT Conference’s 5th anniversary, we also added the fourth C to the flavour of the conference – Celebration. And if you maybe thought it was a birthday without a cake, this was not a case! Since we were in Bled, it was a must to spice up the celebration with a local dessert, the traditional Bled Cream Cake (kremšnita).