Iolar specialises in translation of complex documentation spanning various language combinations from a variety of fields: finance and banking, law (international and EU law); automotive industry; machine construction; telecommunications; IT industry and mobile technology; medicine, pharmacy and pharmaceutical; websites, internet presentations as well as sales.

Iolar delivers high-quality translations in more than 100 language combinations: Albanian, Arabic, Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Kazakh, Latvian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian and other languages.

Translation quality management

In addition to a comprehensive proofreading service for various types of text, Iolar also provides an expert review and assessment package that includes professional evaluation by subject specialists to verify accuracy and suitability of terminology.

Professional and civil liability

In order to safeguard and protect our professional activities, Iolar is fully insured for professional and civil liability. Should the provision of Iolar’s services result in material damage to the client, its legitimate claims are insured and associated risk liability is reduced to the minimum.


Many years of experience in the field of software localisation and translation enable Iolar to provide advisory and support services to its clients regarding the execution of translation processes. Trained experts can help you increase translation efficiency both in small projects requiring only one translator as well as in large-scale projects, where groups of translation project leaders, translators, quality management, terminology management, research and technical support personnel have to work together. The successful management of such projects, where many different factors can play a significant role, presents a special challenge – one which Iolar is ready to take on and overcome thanks to its unique approach.

Iolar also offers linguistic advice to its clients in various forms and for various languages. Our language and linguistic experts can help you solve problems concerning terminology; create style guides for specific fields or areas; assist and advise you when creating various dictionaries and provide linguistic comparisons and analyses between multiple languages. When faced with more challenging tasks and problems, our employees seek external advice and collaborate with renowned professors and academics from a number of universities.


Iolar’s services do not merely include text translation for a dedicated application, operating system or website but also other activities such as testing. Experienced testing and quality management engineers can evaluate, update or fix the translated or localised product in many ways. The goal is to find errors and bugs in the operation of the localised product and to report them to the client. Such actions can ultimately result in a localised product that is of even better quality and greater reliability than the original.

During testing, the quality and successful operation of the localised product is evaluated. It is important that the product is completely adjusted for the target market; therefore, during testing, Iolar pays particular attention to the following:

  • elements that change during localisation (user interface elements, content),
  • peculiarities of localised operating systems,
  • differences in keyboard layouts,
  • shortcuts,
  • grammar rules for a specific target market,
  • special rules for writing, e.g. date and units of measurement.

Iolar also offers DTP (Desktop Publishing) services. The technical skills of our DTP experts are particularly important when translating a range of file types that are prepared in graphic programs for print preparation – programs such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker or QuarkXPress.

With its unrivalled expertise in software applications and tools Iolar is able to translate and process the content of any file, irrespective of file format or previous processing, thus allowing clients to submit files in any given format. Our team of experts can either translate the content, or translate and design the final version - ready for publishing in electronic or physical form.

Once translated and proofread by our language specialists, your project is passed to a DTP expert whose task is to perform all required procedures in readiness for print preparation and publishing. As a final quality assurance measure prior to publishing, the text is scrutinised by a quality management specialist for the specific language in order to ensure that the text is without error and completely appropriate for publishing in the target market.

Our clients

  • IOLAR Client: Europian Parlament
  • IOLAR Client: Europian Commision
  • IOLAR Client: Daimler AG
  • IOLAR Client: OTV Veolia
  • IOLAR Client: Toyota
  • IOLAR Client: Autocommerce