SDL Studio GroupShare is the perfect collaboration platform for translation teams of all sizes. Entirely integrated with SDL Trados Studio and SDL MultiTerm, SDL Studio GroupShare allows teams to work centrally on project management, translation memories and terminology. The result is far more efficient translation project work flows.

SDL Studio GroupShare provides:

  • live, real-time sharing of resources and stats updates.
  • Complete terminology workflow support, not just a glossary.
  • Secure task assignment.
  • Integration into the extended translation supply chain.
  • Organization of old projects with project archiving.
  • Robust and proven capabilities.
  • Seamless integration with SDL Trados Studio.
  • Unique extensibility with SDL OpenExchange.

Groups of linguists that are using SDL Studio GroupShare can work faster and more efficiently, since they are using a centralised translation database (Translation Memory) and project and terminology databases. The result of server-based solution implementation is greater consistency of translations, control of the entire process and faster work, regardless of the location of the team.

This solution enables full participation in the project, since all the translators and proofreaders can simultaneously access the centralised translation memory database from any given location. In the context of SDL Trados Studio, each member of the group can “take and return” a file, which reduces bureaucracy in project management and simplifies work procedures.

SDL GroupShare is a modular solution that adapts to your needs and is divided into three parts:

  • SDL Studio GroupShare 2017 – TM
  • SDL Studio GroupShare 2017 – Project Server
  • SDL Studio GroupShare 2017 – MultiTerm Server
  • Improved overall quality of translations – centralised terminology database and a common database for translation information that ensure quick and easy access for the whole team.
  • Faster implementation of projects – all projects can be accessed at any given time in order to avoid delays when users work in different time zones.
  • Reduction of the total cost of the project – less work with file distribution.
  • Monitoring the progress of the project – overview of project status in real time is always available in the common environment of the project.
  • Application of knowledge in the most effective way.
  • Easy creation of projects (project creation wizard) – less manual settings for creating and beginning a project. The result is greater control, quality assurance, consistency and the use of common databases regardless of location.

A common translation memory database provides all members of the group easy access and search capability within the central translation memory database. Other features include updating of the translation memory database(TM), consistency of translations, quality and accessibility from any given location.

The program provides several methods of searching the terminology database, so that translators and terminologists can find the appropriate term faster.

Centralised terminology enables consistent use of terms from a specific subject area across a range of documents and languages.

Participation in projects provides translators and project managers easy access to projects, thus allowing project distribution and monitoring of progress to be carried out more easily.