Process Improvement Project 2017–2018

Between 18 April and 29 August 2018, Iolar is conducting an operation entitled Introducing the concept of lean organisation in Iolar, which is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union through a call for proposals under the European Regional Development Fund ( The call for proposals for the selection of operations has been held under the “Operational programme for the implementation of European cohesion policy 2014–2020”; priority axis “Dynamic and competitive entrepreneurship for green economic growth”; priority investment “Promoting entrepreneurship, in particular through facilitating the use of new ideas in the economy and accelerating the establishment of new businesses, including via business incubators”; specific objective “Increasing the added value of SMEs”.

Improvements will be implemented in the following areas: strategic management, operational management, the sales and project management processes, the business development process and the translation process. The purpose of introducing lean organisation is to achieve a better competitive position by lowering costs, shortening delivery times, enabling better customer service, increasing the quality of products and services, ensuring a smaller environmental burden through lower specific energy consumption and enhanced efficiency, and increasing the engagement of staff members, their security and motivation. This results in sales growth and job creation, greater profitability and enhanced added value per employee in the company.

Introducing lean organisation also requires a change of culture – by establishing different management routines and modes of problem solving, individuals and the organisation gradually start behaving differently. In doing so, the company will stay competitive and outperform its competition, resulting in a significant multiplier effect in the business environment.