Iolar is the leading translation and localisation company in the region of South-East Europe and builds its success on its team's first success in localising software and associated manuals in the period 1991 to 1995/1996, when the team localised the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system and Microsoft Office 95 into Slovenian, hired to perform this by the giant from Redmond.

Iolar gives its clients a range of services, ranging from project-management and the translation, revision and quality assurance of complex documentation to the localisation of software into specific target languages of this geographic area. Apart from this, Iolar specialises in early-adoption and effective use of innovations in Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) and Translation Management Systems (TMS) solutions in its project-management and production processes.

The implementation of the ISO 17100 translation standard proves Iolar’s dedication to the quality of its services. Iolar was formally founded in 1998 and today it employs 40 highly-skilled linguists and engineers. Its headquarters are based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and it has subsidiaries in Maribor (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia) and Graz (Austria).

Iolar uses the full gamut of TMS features / elements, which lowers the price, elevates the quality and shortens the delivery times for the final customer:

  • - dedicated project manager communication;
  • - internal IT department support;
  • - work-flow integration;
  • - project-management;
  • - optimised billing with (phrase-repeat) discount reporting;
  • - CRM and linguist-management suites;
  • - file conversion;
  • - automated file exchange;
  • - termbases;
  • - translation memories;
  • - resource lookups;
  • - word counts / match analyses;
  • - term extractions;
  • - segment alignments;
  • - machine translation;
  • - concordance searching;
  • - translation memory;
  • - predictive typing;
  • - spell checking;
  • - SW localization support;
  • - controlled authoring;
  • (and more);

Association of Translation Companies


Iolar is a founding member of the Slovenian Association of Translation Companies that was founded on 8 May 2008 as a section of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The association promotes commercial development and operations in the spirit of corporate social responsibility and strives to ensure professionalism. Iolar is also a member of the Association of Management Consulting which represents the majority of enterprises affiliated to the Chamber of Business Services of Slovenia.



Iolar is a member of the European Language Industry Association (ELIA), a non-profit organisation active in representing, promoting and developing the translation industry throughout Europe. Iolar is also a member of a network of companies in the field of globalisation and localisation - GALA, which is the largest association of enterprises within the translation industry and a non-profit organisation offering members and interested parties information on sources, research results, knowledge, various training events, and participates in the development of technology.

Translators without Borders


Iolar is also a member of the non-profit organisation Translators without Borders whose mission is to increase access to knowledge through humanitarian translations. The organisation Translators without Borders aims to provide free translations into all languages, particularly in areas where access to information is vital, but at the same time difficult or virtually impossible.



The European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC) is an umbrella organisation for national associations of translation companies throughout Europe. Its members are national associations of translation companies established in Europe. EUATC provides a united voice for translation companies: it promotes the highest standards of quality in terms of translation and business practice, and also helps to improve the training of translators across Europe. The Slovenian Association of Translation Companies (SATC) became a member of EUATC in December 2012.



Iolar is a proud member of the prestigious association of advanced translation technology users, TAUS (Translation Automation User Society). TAUS is a resource centre for global language and translation, supporting buyers and providers of language services and technologies with a comprehensive suite of online services, software and knowledge to help them innovate their business.


The Network for Corporate Social Responsibility


In 2011, Iolar and nineteen other Slovenian companies co-founded the Network for Corporate Social Responsibility Slovenia. We were motivated by the fact that corporate social responsibility leads to positive company development as well as ensuring greater levels of motivation and employment stability among staff. A policy of social responsibility results in greater respect for the company in the community and distinguishes it from its rivals and competition. For Iolar and other member companies, this network is the meeting point of organisations whose common purpose is to promote social responsibility. Our key activities include the exchange of knowledge, innovation and good practice in corporate social responsibility and awareness of the benefits of this mode of operation.

FFC Certificate


In 2010, Iolar was awarded the basic Family-Friendly Company Certificate, and after a successful audit in 2013, Iolar received the full Family-Friendly Company Certificate. This certificate ensures the short and long-term positive effects of a balanced professional and personal life for Iolar’s employees. All this is reflected in lower absentee rates, a reduction in the number of sick days, days off for treatment, accidents, etc. and in greater satisfaction, motivation and loyalty among Iolar employees. The FFC Certificate is awarded to companies that operate in accordance with the corporate social responsibility management principle and is the only certificate of this kind in Slovenia.


Common Sense Advisory


CSA is an American-based market research company with a focus on global business and best practices within the field of localisation and translation. According to their 2015 research to determine which Language Service Provider gives back most to its community, Iolar was ranked top 10 among the language service and localisation providers in southern Europe.

Gazela 2008


In 2008, Iolar was ranked 78th out of the 100 fastest-growing companies in Central Slovenia on the Gazela (Gazelle) index. More importantly, Iolar achieved the highest ranking among companies engaged in the same field of business. For Iolar and other successful companies in Slovenia, Gazela is seen as recognition of the success of fast-growing companies and is awarded by the Dnevnik newspaper. This project has been running since 1991 and in that time has established itself as the largest business event in Slovenia, whose purpose is to promote business enterprise, innovation and international success of Slovenian companies.

Zlata nit


Since 2009, Iolar has regularly participated in the Zlata nit (Golden Thread) contest for the best employer in Slovenia and has ranked among the 101 best employers each year. This achievement demonstrates Iolar’s enterprise and pioneering business innovation together with the company’s concern for its employees and desire to achieve a creative atmosphere at work. Golden Thread is a unique media-research project conducted on the initiative of the Dnevnik newspaper with the involvement of the Faculty of Economics and human resources experts from the University of Ljubljana. It is a national contest to determine the best employers in the category of small, medium and large-sized companies. It seeks to recognise and promote the very best Slovenian employers - something which is also of great importance to Iolar.

  • 1991
    Atlantis Publishing is established as a separate department of the company Atlantis. The result of the cooperation between writers, translators, editors, proof-readers and other experts is the publishing of over 50 independent publications with circulations running into the tens of thousands of high-quality translations of computer manuals, educational materials and books written in-house. Such activities have evolved into what we now call software localisation.
  • 1994
    Iolar successfully performs the first software localisation project into the Slovenian language - Microsoft Word 6.
  • 1995
    Iolar localises the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system, which is the first Slovenian operating system localisation and thus the foundation for Slovenian computer terminology.
  • 1998
    Atlantis Publishing House cuts its ties with Atlantis and becomes an independent company - Iolar with its own business premises.
  • 2008
    Iolar is a founding member of the Slovenian Association of Translation Companies, a part of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • 2010
    Iolar is awarded basic level certification as a Family-Friendly Company.
  • 2011
    IOLAR co-founds the Network for Corporate Social Responsibility Slovenia.
  • 2013
    Iolar is awarded the full Family-Friendly Company Certificate and is ranked 12th among the language service and localisation providers in southern Europe according to 2013 research by Common Sense Advisory
  • 2017
    Today, Iolar is the most experienced company with the highest number of expert employees in the field of software localisation and technical documentation translation in the countries of South-East Europe. Iolar and its employees have over 23 years’ experience in the fields of translation, software localisation, court certified translation, quality management and the development of translation tools. That is why Iolar is trusted by the world’s largest software publishers.

Our clients

  • IOLAR Client: Europian Parlament
  • IOLAR Client: Europian Commision
  • IOLAR Client: Daimler AG
  • IOLAR Client: OTV Veolia
  • IOLAR Client: Toyota
  • IOLAR Client: Autocommerce