Occupational Health Care Promotion in Iolar

Iolar participated in the competition for employers to select the most innovative health care activities in the workplace, which took place in the framework of the Slovenian campaign to raise awareness of employers for promoting health and safety initiatives in the workplace. Iolar entered the competition by introducing two stress management activities: chair massage in the workplace and an application that invites employees to socialize in the relaxation room. Among many health care promotion activities received from different employers, the commission ranked ours among the best and published them on its website as an example of good practice of health promotion in the workplace (http://www.zdravi-in-uspesni.si/natecaj-za-delodajalce/dobre-prakse-pzdm/). In Iolar we are very proud to have won this recognition, because we are well aware that health care of the employees is a long-term investment in business and positive work atmosphere. We have a very low level of absenteeism and very efficient employees.