Translator, Do You Feel Pain?

Many occupations in the modern world involve sitting in front of the computer. Translating is no different. Sitting itself would not present a challenge nor an […]

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Time Menagement Survey Results

Why response time is crucial and what impacts it has

Recently we surveyed our freelance translators and project managers. The survey asked about aspects of their work, expectations, manners of communication, etc. Interestingly, the survey results […]

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Time Management

Time can be a translator’s best friend

For a freelance translator good time management is one of the most crucial skills. Here are some tips that could create an environment in which »time […]

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Elia Together 2017

Iolar at the Elia Together conference 2017

The Elia Together conference titled “Communicating for Success” took place in Berlin on the 23rd and 24th of February. The conference focused on three areas – […]

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