Process Improvement Project 2017–2018

Between 18 April and 29 August 2018, Iolar is conducting an operation entitled Introducing the concept of lean organisation in Iolar, which is co-financed by the […]

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Iolar attending industry events in May

Iolar’s representatives have been and will continue to be highly involved in localization and digital marketing events in recent and upcoming days. Last week, our CEO […]

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Elia’s networking days for executives

Elia’s ND Focus events are always a special occasion, but it is a great pleasure to attend the Networking days for executives. This year Iolar’s CEO […]

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E-commerce Day 2018

Iolar – proud sponsor of E-commerce Day 2018

Becoming a successful global company is only possible if you have a good and experienced globalization partner working with you. If you are an e-commerce company […]

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