Iolar received the Mavrični pokal zdravja award for best practices in workplace health promotion

Iolar took part in the third Mavrični pokal zdravja competition, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, and received the award for its workplace health promotion measures available to employees. The company took part with two of the measures aimed to reduce workplace stress: workplace massages and a computer application prompting employees to take a break from work and socialize in a room dedicated to this purpose.

The aim of the competition is to raise awareness among company management and employees about the importance and positive results of workplace health practices, as well as to promote the exchange of such best practice between companies in the service sector and motivate companies to introduce health promotion practices promptly and as well-informed as pos sible.mavricni-pokal-2016-1356mavricni-pokal-2016-1381mavricni-pokal-2016-1382