Iolar – proud sponsor of E-commerce Day 2018

Becoming a successful global company is only possible if you have a good and experienced globalization partner working with you. If you are an e-commerce company and want to grow your business in other countries as well, localized content is your key to achieve the best performance possible. In the past few years international shopping has grown constantly and the numbers exceed expectations.

If you are ambitious and want to be really successful, here’s a tip for you: you can reach a wider audience, boost your customer awareness and build trust in your brand with localizing your website, social media and e-shop content. Choosing a company that will efficiently help you reach your goals needs to be done wisely. How to bridge the language gap and which smart translation strategies you should use for your e-commerce business was the topic of a lecture Andraž Repar held at Ecommerce Day 2018 in Zagreb on March 28th with the help of his colleague Olga Šunjara.

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