Elia’s networking days for executives

Elia’s ND Focus events are always a special occasion, but it is a great pleasure to attend the Networking days for executives. This year Iolar’s CEO and owner Borut Rismal was welcomed in Catania, a beautiful seaside city in Sicily from 3-4 May 2018. There were lots of opportunities for industry decision-makers to discuss thought-provoking issues, such as the future of translation industry, how a translation company should develop to meet future business needs, what the best way is to grow a company – whether to continue to grow organically, or become the seller or buyer? This year the focus was also on the financial component of the business. It is indeed an integral part of any business to set financial goals, plan a realistic annual budget and carefully monitor the P&L. And let’s not forget about investments in people, technology or other infrastructure.

We also need to mention a truly friendly atmosphere, relaxed networking events and professional insights into relevant topics. And what do you say about the delicious tomatoes we had? Italian style all the way. 🙂