Iolar Areas of Expertise: Automotive Industry

Iolar provides its clients with the highest possible level of quality and consistency as required in the field of automotive translations. Iolar is aware that technical documentation in particular requires a high degree of precision and appropriateness. Over the years Iolar has developed and maintained comprehensive client-specific terminology databases that help its clients to “speak with one voice" across all kinds of different materials.

In close cooperation with clients Iolar ensures the quality and competence of its translators and proofreaders through on-site training, education and regular evaluations. This systematic approach ensures that our language specialists are always up-to-date with new developments in the automotive industry. Iolar’s experts in the area of the automotive industry are trained for translation of various document types:

  • user manuals for cars and trucks,
  • training manuals,
  • service guides,
  • websites,
  • interactive and on-line educational materials,
  • correspondence, brochures, catalogues,
  • press releases.

In addition to this, Iolar also performs localisations of service systems and schedules as well as on-board instructions and notifications.

SAE J2450

The SAE J2450 has emerged as the leading translation quality metric for the automotive and heavy machinery industry. Its goal is to provide a standardized quality management framework that would offer measurable, consistent and objective quality evaluation results across the various types of automotive translation projects.

Iolar's quality management model incorporates the SAE J2450 quality metric allowing our clients the comfort of knowing that the services they order from Iolar meet the full set of quality requirements.

Every applicable translation project is evaluated according to the standard's requirements resulting in consistent quality scores that enable objective comparison between projects, translators and revisers. The SAE J2450 standard can be applied regardless of the source or target languages and regardless of how the translation was performed, i.e. human translation, computer-assisted translation or machine translation.

Iolar Areas of Expertise: Software Localization

Iolar provides a comprehensive software localisation process from planning, translating, compositing and testing to preparations for print and web publishing:

  • operating systems,
  • desktop applications,
  • multimedia content,
  • games,
  • mobile phones,
  • mobile applications,
  • accounting software,
  • client and resource management systems (CRM),
  • enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).

The main objective and long-term strategy of Iolar is to provide affordable, yet highest-quality level localisation into our languages (adaptation to local characteristics) for clients in the fields of IT, telecommunications and data processing.

Iolar Areas of Expertise: Tehnical Documentation

Extensive experience in translating technical documents with associated complex images, charts and graphics in different industry sectors, such as manufacturing, life sciences and others, make Iolar the specialist and number-one choice for technical documentation translation services. Iolar believes that accuracy and precision are of the utmost importance in delivering top-quality translations involving large-volume source texts with important content and frequent updates.

Iolar is fully equipped to handle all your technical document translation requirements, including the translation of user guides, specification sheets, and engineering plans - all supported by Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools which provide significant time and costs savings for every customer.

Iolar Areas of Expertise: Tender Documentation

Translations of tender submissions are always carried out under great pressure because they usually involve large volumes with very tight and strict deadlines. What is more, clients participating in a range of foreign tenders require a similarly rapid response for translation of tender results into their own language. As the largest translation company in South-East Europe with a vastly-experienced group of project managers, translators and proofreaders, Iolar successfully produces translations of tender documents - from short offers to extensive materials for international tenders in all professional fields.

Tender documentation does not only include legal texts but also technically-demanding texts, which require appropriate terminology management and subject matter expertise. Iolar’s employees and partners are fully aware of their great responsibility toward their clients in the tender submission process and therefore devote considerable attention to such projects.

Iolar Areas of Expertise: Medicine and Pharmacy

At Iolar we are aware that translation of documents from the fields of medicine and pharmacy demands enormous responsibility and knowledge on the part of the translation team, because the translation has to be absolutely accurate and clear to avoid potentially fatal mistakes or misunderstandings.

Translators and proofreaders at Iolar have expert knowledge in the fields of medicine and pharmacy; they are in regular contact with physicians and pharmacists, follow new developments and news in these areas and are trained for translating various types of texts such as:

  • patient information leaflets (PIL) and summary of product characteristics (SPC),
  • clinical research and reports,
  • medical equipment and technical instrument manuals,
  • medical equipment software,
  • manuals for various medical and pharmaceutical products, instruments or drugs,
  • technical articles and publications,
  • medical insurance documentation,
  • brochures, catalogues and websites.
Iolar Areas of Expertise: Banking and Finance

Banks and financial institutions require professional, high-quality translations usually with tight deadlines and rapid turnrounds. Accuracy and speed are of the utmost importance in the world of banking and finance since our clients need to adjust their products and services to the target market and ensure compliance with local laws, rules and regulations. Iolar employs experienced translators and trained proofreaders who can guarantee full compliance with all requirements regarding professionalism and quality. At Iolar we are also aware that appropriate use of terminology is of particular importance given that financial terminology is developing rapidly and demands extensive and specialist knowledge of the subject matter.

With its wealth of knowledge and experience in this area Iolar is able to translate:

  • contracts, court documents, laws,
  • annual reports,
  • financial reports,
  • business plans,
  • financial business appraisals,
  • insurance documentation
  • regulations, reports,
  • claims, offers, evaluations,
  • balance sheets,
  • financial results, etc.
Iolar Areas of Expertise: Legal Documentation

Iolar devotes particular care and attention when translating legal documentation. We fully appreciate that translation of legal documents is very demanding due to the technical and linguistic characteristics of such texts. It requires expert and wide-ranging knowledge of law and of a variety of technical fields on the part of translators and proofreaders as well as complete mastery of the target and source languages, great precision, a sense of responsibility and awareness of the consequences of the work.

Iolar’s translators and proofreaders of legal texts pay special attention to all elements of the translation process. This guarantees the high level of quality, intelligibility, clarity, appropriateness and compliance of legal texts. It is of the utmost importance that during the translation process, no aspect of the exact meaning and content of the text should be changed, but, at the same time, the text must remain intelligible in the target language.

Iolar is aware of the importance of deadlines for legal document submission; therefore it ensures that the whole translation process is finished and complete prior to the final submission date. It is also of paramount importance that information contained in all types of legal texts should remain secret and confidential. To this end all Iolar employees sign NDAs and take necessary and appropriate precautions regarding data protection.

Due to its professional approach, training, precision and large capacity, Iolar successfully translates legal texts of all types for different clients, including clients from the public sector and from EU institutions.

Iolar Areas of Expertise: Multimedia Localization

Iolar recognises that nowadays more and more companies are managing their business content in different multimedia language sources, including audio, video, media-rich presentation, animation, art and other audio-visual materials which can be filmed, recorded, narrated, re-voiced, be used as subtitling or be captured as video source text. Iolar’s dedicated experts for multimedia localisation can among other services provide:

  • PoliCheck scans,
  • transcription,
  • voice-over (non-professional),
  • art and graphics localisation,
  • animation localization and
  • subtitle services to meet new customer needs.
Iolar Areas of Expertise: Marketing

The goal of every company’s advertising is to increase demand for a specific product, service or idea and to expand brand awareness. When expanding into foreign markets, the quality of translation and its appropriateness for the target market/region is crucial, as the success of the campaign intended to promote said product or service hinges on these very factors. If you require the translation of a brochure, a printed or multimedia ad, Iolar provides specialist language professionals with experience and expertise in various fields and who, above all, are masters of your translation’s target language.

Iolar Areas of Expertise: Court Certified Translations

Iolar can provide court certified document translations for most European languages. We mainly provide court certified translations of:

  • contracts,
  • annual reports,
  • personal documents,
  • certificates and degrees,
  • work permits,
  • medical diagnoses,
  • court register extracts,
  • tender documentation.

Court certified translations are provided by sworn translators that are authorised by the appropriate courts or government departments in various countries. A court certified translation consists of the translation and the court certification; it is bound together with the original text and bears the seal of the court translator.

Iolar Areas of Expertise: Machine Translation

Machine translation has come a long way in recent years. With the advent of statistical MT engines, its usability has increased exponentially and it can now be applied to many usage scenarios.

While almost everyone knows and uses free machine translation services and many know how to take advantage of their benefits, they are usually not good enough to be used in a professional setting. However, by limiting the domain of the engine, i.e. by focusing on a narrower field, and carefully managing language resources, quality can be dramatically increased and can even approach human level translation quality.

This allows you to translate documents and projects you previously thought were untranslatable due to their size or time constraints, such as internal documentation, user-generated content, Q&A sessions, e-commerce websites etc.

Our MT experts can help you identify projects and domains that lend themselves particularly well to MT. We will help you select the best engine for the job, define the optimal workflow, find and clean the necessary source and target resources, manage terminology and train post-editors.

If you think you can benefit from machine translation, Iolar is the right partner for you. With our specialized MT and language skills, we will find the best solution for you to help you save time and money.

For more information, check our MT presentation.

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